About the conference

The IEEE International Conference on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR) is an international forum for furthering the study of safety, security and rescue robotics as well as solutions necessary for fielding robots and sensor systems across a variety of application areas. This symposium welcomes submissions on the theory and practice of robotics and automation for all types of safety, security, and rescue applications such as disaster response, mitigation, and recovery; rapid and secure inspection of critical infrastructure; detection of chemical, biological and radiological risks, and operations in these dangerous sites.

Organizing committee

Honorary Chair

prof. Anibal ollero baturone

university of seville, spain

General Chairs

Dr. Antidio viguria jiménez

CTO Avionics & Systems at CATEC, spain

prof. j. ramiro martínez-de dios

university of seville, spain

Program Chairs

prof. giuseppe loianno

new york university, usa

prof. Kazunori Ohno

tohoku university, japan

prof. Stjepan Bogdan

university of zagreb, croatia

Local Arrangement Committee

Juan Antonio sanchez diaz

University of Seville, Spain

Francisco Javier Gañan Onieva

University of Seville, Spain

Raul Tapia

university of Seville, Spain